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Arc Alloys was established in 1988, supplying a wide range of welding consumables to the repairs, maintenance and special metal sectors. Ten years later, in 1988, we launched a manufacturing facility to help us meet customer requirements and supply ancillary products and welded pressure vessels to clients in the petrochemical, oil and gas industries. As our fabrication services have expanded over the years, we can now supply pipes, flanges and fittings in most Duplex, Super Duplex, stainless and Nickel Alloy grades.

Welding Consumables

We remain at the forefront of the market when it comes to supplying alloy welding consumables, including exotic alloys, which can be tougher to source. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment, accessories and welding consumables in need of high-performance alloys and carry a high level of stock to ensure needs can always be met quickly. Furthermore, we offer technical advice to compliment this service. We have robust relationships with some of the UK’s most reputable consumables suppliers and strong links with various European suppliers, enabling us to succeed where others fall short of expectations.

We also manufacture pipe, flanges and pipe fittings in various forms and grades, including Weld Necks, Slip On, Blind, Socket Weld, Screwed, Lap Joint, Long Weld Neck and Swivel Flanges. Recent clients utilising our pipe, flanges and pipe fittings services include BP, Shell, Petrofac, Statoil and Chevron.

Machining activities and capabilities

When it comes to machining activities and capabilities, we lead the way. Our dedicated machine capabilities attract clients of the highest repute, whilst our strong relationships with various butt weld fitting and flange stockists and long-term links with forgemasters enable us to supply bespoke flanges and fittings of the highest-quality. We can cater for you whether you have standalone requirements or are seeking solutions to form part of a full supply assembly. We have vast experience in working with everything from low to exotic alloys and are able to count some of the industry’s most experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professionals amongst our team. What’s more is that our dedication towards continuous investment allows us to consistently deliver comprehensive, affordable and efficient machining services and solutions to an ever-expending network of customers.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to the highest standards when it comes to quality assurance. Our quality system is accredited by Lloyds Register (LRQA) to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, with all products and items being inspected rigorously throughout the manufacturing process and just before despatch. This ensures that finest standards of quality are constantly maintained, with non-conformance and deviation being minimised as much as realistically possible. We are able to manufacture product to various international standards including BS EN, ASME and ISO. Furthermore, we supply a large number of products with the CE mark according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED).


Our fabrication arm continues to prosper, expanding annually. Not only do we supply materials and products from some of the market’s most prestigious manufacturers, we are also renowned for the quality of our own solutions. We can provide high-quality products to a vast range of clients, and our CNC machinery stock has been upgraded over recent years, allowing us to carry out a bigger range of activities and enabling us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

We offer technical support round the clock, covering welding process, welding, fabrication, machining and consumables supply. We have decades of manufacturing experience to draw upon, and various qualifications and certifications to support our claim to be amongst the leading players in our field. The products that carry the CE mark of European Conformity follow the most stringent regular Pressure Equipment Directive audits. We have a 100% record when it comes to upholding these standards.

Contacting us

You are welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about the products and services that we offer, such as welding and fabrication services. Should you wish to speak to us today, you can call 01384 79695 or 01384 77211. Our out-of-hours number is 07973 381528, and you can reach us via e-mail on sales@arcalloys.com. You can also contact us by using the form on our website. Get in touch today to find out more about the solutions we offer.


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