What are reducer pipe fittings?

Pipes have revolutionised the way humans live. Fresh water delivered to the home and waste water being carried away for treatment has created a much healthier population. There are several different sizes of piping and they unfortunately do not all fit together. A reducer pipe fitting is used in situations where one pipe has a larger bore than another. They are also used where the bore needs to be made smaller in regards to fluid dynamics.

What is the purpose of reducer pipe fittings?

Flow Rate

Using a reducer pipe for water and waste will change the flow rate through the pipe system. By lowering the diameter of the pipe, less can pass through. A lot of systems can only handle so much flow through the pipes before it would cause an issue.


If you need to increase the pressure in the pipes, then a reducer pipe helps by making the area smaller for the same amount of flow to traverse through. Pressure is needed to move the water or gas through the pipe system

Network adaptation

You may be installing a new part to an existing system and the pipes are not the same size. For example, a waste pipe reducer would be used to add a new restroom facility to the existing network.

What are reducer pipe fittings made from?

Stainless Steel pipe reducer

Arc Alloys Ltd specialise in machining with the best quality of materials. We manufacture our pipe reducers from stainless steel. A stainless steel pipe reducer has the benefit of being strong and resistant to corrosion. Due to the amount of stress the pipe reducers are under, stainless steel makes a lot of sense.

copper pipe reducer

Most likely the most common material for residential plumbing, copper pipe has been used for a very long as they deliver safe drinking water and are malleable. A copper pipe reducer is very much used for the same reason as stainless steel, as it has a high corrosive resistance.

Cast Iron

Iron piping is used mainly used in waste management. A waste pipe reducer made from cast iron is used to reduce the flow of waste. Cast Iron is also good at dampening the sound of rushing water.


For waste pipes in the home, PVC has become the number one choice. PVC is light, easy to manufacture, and chemical resistant.

What are the advantages of pipe reducers?

Joining smaller and larger pipes

In the piping network, there will be different pipe sizes depending on where they are used and when they were installed. Reinstalling an entire pipe network is expensive and labour intensive. A Pipe reducer allows to use the existing network with the new system.


In the case of hydraulics, the pipe reducer is necessary. The pressure to get the fluids usable in hydraulics, you need to reduce the amount of flow as to create enough force.

Why should you choose arc alloys?

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