Din Pipe Fittings

What is a DIN Pipe Fitting?

DIN is a German tube fitting that is used all over Europe and the UK. DIN is an acronym and stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung; which is translated to German Institute for Standardization. DIN pipe fittings are used in various industrial settings and are predominantly made from steel or stainless-steel material. DIN pipe fittings are made to this standard in lines with ISO 8434-1 to create a universal standard across manufacturers.

What are the purposes of DIN pipe fittings?

The DIN pipe fittings are used in industries which use hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These systems need to be able to sustain large amounts of pressure and could be catastrophic if they were to fail; potentially even lethal. Depending on the pressure required, DIN pipe fittings range in size from 4mm to 42mm.

Alternating Valves

Some valves are used to switch between connections that are not under pressure. Alternating valves are a self-reliant system where they cut off piping that is not under pressure, in most cases with a metal-to-metal sealing using a steel ball. They can also be used to taper the pipe size to increase pressure.

Non-return Valve

When you don’t want substances to be able to flow freely along a pipe system, DIN pipe fittings with a non-return valve only allow flow to go one way. Which is important with hydraulics to build up the necessary pressure to function.

What industries would use DIN pipe fittings?

There are a few industries that use DIN pipe fittings, but the main two are the Oil and Gas Industry and the Construction Industry. DIN pipe fittings are found virtually anywhere that requires strong and reliable piping.

Oil and Gas

As a lot of the energy generated around the world is still produced through crude oil and natural gas, there are still many drills still in use. Crude oil is not corrosive on its own, but a lot of oil rigs are based off land and are subject to harsh conditions. Moving oil and gas around needs to be done safely and reliably, DIN pipe fittings are made to withstand even the roughest seas.


A large number of construction vehicles and machinery use hydraulics to lift, dig, move and stretch materials. Due to the high pressure of these applications, they need to be strong. DIN pipe fittings are built for the exact amount of stress the construction industry requires.

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