Pipe, Fittings and Flanges Manufacturing and Supplies

Arc Alloys offer an extensive range of pipe, fittings and flanges offering a variety of materials, sizes and shapes. We have spent many years building our business to ensure that we meet the diverse needs of businesses and industries. We handle both large and small orders for pipes, fittings and flanges in most grades of stainless, duplex, super duplex and nickel alloys.  Our highly equipped in house fabrication services allow us to meet even the most complex requests.

What are Pipe Fittings?

Pipe fittings allow easy joins when connecting pipe pieces together or to adapt to fit different sizes together and create angles or shapes easily.  Arc Alloys manufacture and supply all major butt weld fittings including elbows tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, induction bends and a variety of end caps.

What are Flanges?

Flanges offer a flexible method to pipe joining and are the preferred choice where a joint may need to be dismantled regularly for maintenance, repair or disconnection.  A flange allows flexibility during operation as a projecting rim or collar extrudes which can be disconnected and reconnected simply. Joining two pieces of using a flange fitting will give additional strength.Who would use them?

Pipe and flange fittings are widely used in industry and business.  Throughout the Oil, gas and petrochemical industries, in fire fighting equipment, pharmaceutical, water treatment and mechanical heavy industries including food and fertiliser plants as well as basic plumbing, heating and in many other industrial facilities.Why quality is importantAt the point you place a fitting or flange within piping you are adding the potential for failure. You should always fit high quality parts that meet required production standards. You need to be sure parts will stand up to the demands placed on them, in order to avoid causing damage and further cost if parts break during operation. Ensuring you choose an experienced and reputable firm such as Arc Alloys will ensure you receive excellent value for money and receive high quality parts.

We manufacture and supply Pipe, Flanges, Pipe Fittings in the following forms and grades:

FLANGES: B16.5/EN1092-1/BS45404/API 6A/API 17D/B16.47
Weld Necks, Slip On, Blind, Socket Weld, Screwed, Lap Joint, Long Weld Neck, Swivel Flange.
Elbows, Tees, Cushion Tee, Concentric & Eccentric Reducers, Induction Bends, Stub Ends, End Cap
WELDED PIPE: B36.10/B36.19
SEAMLESS PIPE: B36.10/B36.19
Screwed / Socket weld, Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Union, Plugs, Nipples, Bushes.
Female Adapter, Male Coupler, Hosetail Coupler, Female Coupler, Male Adapter

Size Range: 1/2″NB -24″NB, DN15-DN600 (larger sizes on request)
Wall Thickness: SCH.10-SCH.XXS (special wall thickness’s on request)
Pressure Rating: 150LB-2500LB, PN10-PN250, 3000lb-15000lb
Facing Types: (RF) Raised Face,(RTJ) Ring Type Joint, (FF) Flat Face, (LFF, LMF)Large Female & Male Face, Specials and many more.

All of the above can be supplied either from our own stocks, via our in house manufacturing or through our extensive Mill support. Both Small and Large projects catered for.

Grades of Material stocked and supplied.

Stainless steel: 316/316L, 1.4401/1.4404, 304/304L, 1.4301/1.4307,321/321H
Duplex: UNS S31803, 1.4462, UNS S32205, F51, F60.
Super Duplex: UNS S32760, 1.4501, UNS S32750, 1.4410, F53, F55
Super Austenitic: 6Mo, UNS S31254, 254SMO, F44, 1.4547

Titanium: Grade 2 Nickel Alloys:
UNS N10276, Alloy C276, 2.4819
UNS N06625, Alloy 625, 2.4856
UNS N08825, Alloy 825, 2.4858
UNS N04400, Alloy 400, 2.4360/2.4361
UNS N08800, Alloy 800, 1.4957
UNS N08810, Alloy 800H, 1.4958
UNS N08811, Alloy 800HT, 1.4959
UNS N06600, Alloy 600, 2.4816
UNS N06601, Alloy 601, 2.4851
UNS N02200, Alloy 200, 2.4060
UNS N02201, Alloy 201, 2.4066
UNS NO7718, Alloy 718, 2.4668
UNS N08028, Alloy 28, Sanicro 28, 1.4563
UNS N10675, Alloy B3

Recent Projects include:

BP – Shah Deniz & Clair Ridge project
Shell prelude FLNG
Chevron – Gorgon & Mafumiera Sul project
Petrofac – Turkmengas project
Statoil – Gina Krog Project

What are the advantages of pipe fittings and flanges?

Pipe fittings and flanges allow you to construct your piping to a precise shape with easy connecting, flexible secure fitments.  The use of fittings and flanges allow for easy fit, removal and replacement over permanent welding solutions. Easy cleaning and maintenance with removal joints and flanges where required.

Why choose Arc Alloys for pipe fittings and flanges?

Choosing parts supplied and manufactured by Arc Alloys with our specialist knowledge and experience built up over many years within the industry means we can assist and offer advice and solutions for even your most complex installations. Our modern facility operates the latest equipment, and we remain approachable, flexible and happy to help with any size job.  We carry extensive supplies and offer short lead times. To find out technical specifications for many of our commonly manufactured and supplied pipe, flanges and pipe fittings see below. For further advice or to order, please call on 01384 79695/01384 772211 or out of hours 07973 381528.  You can email sales@arcalloys.com or complete our Contact us form and one of our team will be in touch.