Aluminium Welding Service

What is aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most abundant naturally occurring metals on Earth. It is found all over the world and, is only behind the chemical elements oxygen and silicon respectively. Aluminium is a strong and light metal that has a light silvery finish. Aluminium welding services are used in many industries for a wide range of reasons.

Why is aluminium used?

Natural resistance to corrosion

When aluminium reacts with oxygen, the aluminium creates a thin protective layer of aluminium oxide on its surface. This layer stops any further chemical reactions occurring and means you do not need to use any special treatments if the aluminium is being used for outdoor use. If it is being used to contain corrosive materials such as hydraulic fluid then it will most likely be made into an alloy using other chemical elements such as nickel, zinc or chromium.


Even though aluminium is a strong material, it is also easy to work with. You can bend it, cut it and weld it. Aluminium welding fabrication allows it to be used for anything from bedframes to skyscrapers. The first building that used aluminium on a mass scale was the empire state building!


Copper is the more conductible material used in electrical applications, but copper is also much heavier and more expensive. For longer distances and for external uses, aluminium is cheaper, lighter and will need less maintenance.

Why would someone need aluminium welding and fabrication services?

As far as metals go, aluminium ticks a lot of boxes. It can be somewhat difficult to weld for the average “do it yourself” project. Most aluminium welding services are used to provide a consistent finished product, as aluminium does come with some concerns during the aluminium welding fabrication process. Aluminium is a soft metal that reacts quickly to oxygen; while in a molten state it can also absorb impurities. We can offer on site aluminium welding as a local aluminium welding company or if you are looking for “aluminium welding near me” then it can be done at our premises.

How is aluminium repaired?

There are ways to repair small cracks in situations where it is just for cosmetics, such as epoxy resin, but aluminium welding repairs are for when you need a structural repair. When metal is welded to one another, the joint can even become stronger than the base metals, provided it is done right. Our aluminium welding and fabrication process is second to none and we guarantee a top-quality result. The first step is to make sure the aluminium is cleaned of impurities, such as the aluminium oxide layer. This can be done with a steel brush or certain acid treatments. One it is cleaned it needs to be dry and welded within a couple of days, otherwise it will need to be cleaned again.

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