Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by bending, cutting and re-assembling pieces of structural steel or sheet metal. Bespoke machines are used for each unique process including; shears, lathes, guillotines, folders and benders, sheet metal machines and rolls and punches.

The fabrication process usually starts with measurements and drawings being taken. These then get used to precisely form the required structure and the process will finish with installation. Some examples of projects are; gates and railings, stairs and steps, ornamental/architectural metal, furniture, metal tools, metal containers, boilers and generators, steam or vapour generators, structural frames for buildings and products for use in buildings e.g.; shutters, metal window frames and doors.

Types of Metals Arc Alloys Works With

A wide range of metals and materials are used in the metal fabrication process. These include;

  • Plate metal
  • Formed and expanded metal
  • Tube stock
  • Welding wire/welding rod
  • Fittings and castings
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Various corrosion resistant alloys

A wide range of industries require steel fabrication services including; contractors, construction companies, food processing plants, equipment manufacturers, agricultural businesses and the infrastructure sector. Arc Alloys take on a virtually unlimited range of fabrication jobs, ensuring they produce top of the range products with meticulous accuracy.

Metal Fabrication Process

Pieces of metal are cut to size using cutting, bending and burning processes. The parts are then assembled together by welding and binding with adhesives, riveting and threaded fasteners. The metal will be formed into its desired shape and machined to remove any unwanted material from the structure.

After the object has been welded and cooled, it will generally be sand blasted, primed and painted. Next any individualisation required by the customer is then completed. A thorough safety check is undertaken before shipping and installation.

Why Choose Arc Alloys Ltd

Since 1998, Arc Alloys Ltd has been providing welding and fabrication services to many large and small businesses. Each product is built to operate in the most severe environments and adhere to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy. Some of the products Arc Alloys manufacture are;

  • Pressure vessels
  • Vessels in special alloys or of specialised design requirements
  • Offshore and nuclear applications
  • Y-Type and T-Type strainers used in filtration and process industries
  • Inlet/outlet header assemblies used in heat transfer
  • Access fittings used in process piping for chemical injection/corrosion monitoring
  • Floats and vibrating forks used in all areas where fluid measurement and control is required

Years of Industry Experience and Outstanding Customer Service

With 30 years’ experience in welding and fabrication, consumable supply, welding process and machining under their belt, you can rely on Arc Alloys Ltd to give you an outstanding service. Offering a 24/7 technical advice service, you can feel secure there’s always someone on hand to support you with any problem when it arises.

If you need to talk to one of the expert team at Arc Alloys, don’t hesitate to get in contact on 01384 79695 or email at