Welding Consumables and Products

Welding Consumables

At Arc Alloys we specialise in providing welding and engineering industries with a comprehensive range of consumables, equipment and accessories. We focus on servicing customers who have demands for materials such as stainless, copper, nickel and other high performance alloys and, unlike most of our competitors, carry stock and offer technical advice to support this service. This, coupled with a genuine “24/7” delivery commitment, make us an invaluable supply chain partner in today’s “just in time” manufacturing culture.

Drawing on 30 years of industry experience, we have developed strong relationships with the leading suppliers of welding consumables within the UK. In addition we have also forged direct links with suppliers in Europe. This, and our tenacity to satisfy customer needs, means that we have maximum opportunity to deliver specified products, often where others either fail or are unable to source.

Stainless steel welding consumables

Stainless steel welding consumables play a pivotal role in sheet metal work, tubular engineering and fabrication, catering and custom engineering to give just a few examples. Copper consumables are ideal for cladding steels and carrying out certain repair projects in weldable cast irons. Nickel alloys are commonly used in piping and pressure vessels by power plants, refineries and more.

We supply consumables from some of the leading manufacturers within our industry which include :-

Voestalpine whose brands sub-divide as follows

Bohler Welding – Low, medium and high alloyed consumables, over 2000 joint welding filler metals available.

UTP (Maintenance) – Innovative and tailored filler metals for repair, wear and surface protection.

Fontargen (Brazing) – High performance brazing filler metals.

Metrode Products – Large range of alloyed welding consumables, products range from those suitable for low-alloy steels through numerous diverse steels, to those matching the performance of nickel based alloys.

Lincoln Electric – Complement a diverse range of consumables with a comprehensive portfolio of manual/semi-automatic/robotic systems, as well as plasma and oxy/fuel cutting equipment.

Special Metals – Complete range of high nickel performance alloys, including flux coated electrodes, filler metals for TIG and MIG and associated fluxes for submerged arc. Their strength is this sector is demonstrated in the ownership of industry recognised trademarks such as INCONEL, MONEL, INCOLOY, NIMONIC, and INCO-WELD.

Helping you reach an informed decision

More and more discerning clients are choosing Arc Alloys over the competition when they require welding materials of the highest quality. We are always happy to provide you with advice on welding consumables so you can reach an informed decision and obtain the solutions that are right for you. All our customer advisers have in-depth product knowledge and we always listen closely to what your needs are so we can serve you efficiently. Furthermore, we take client feedback extremely seriously and have adapted our approach on many occasions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you have any queries about our products. Call 01384 79695 to learn more.