Buttweld Pipe Fittings

What are buttweld pipe fittings and what are they used for?

Buttweld pipe fittings are an important part of pipe systems. They are used to change direction, branch-off or to join equipment to the pipe system. It’s a collective name for a number of different pipe fittings that are used to carry out several different functions in a pipe system.

The different types of buttweld pipe fitting and what they do

Elbow fittings are generally used to change the direction of flow between two pipe fittings. They are available with an angle of 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. If the diameters of the two pipes being connected are the same, then a normal elbow is used. If they are of a different size, then a reducer elbow is used.

Tees are a type of pipe fitting which is a short piece of T Shaped pipe and has two outlets at 90 degrees to the connection to the main pipeline, and a lateral outlet. They’re used to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle with the main pipeline.

Crosses contain four openings in four directions, like a cross. These are used to connect four pipes meeting at a point in the system. The pipe cross can consist of one inlet and three outlets, or three inlets and one outlet. The diameter of the inlet and outlet can be the same or can be different, depending on your requirements.

Reducer fittings are used in the process of reducing the pipe size from a larger bore to a smaller size. It allows for a change in the pipe size to meet the hydraulic flow requirements of the system or to adapt the existing piping of a different size.

Concentric Reducer fittings are used to join pipe sections or tube sections on the same axis. It’s provides an in-line conical transition between pressurised pipes of differing diameters. They connect pipes of different sizes on the same axis.

Eccentric Reducer fittings are used at the suction side of pumps. It ensures that air does not build up in the pipe. The progressive build-up of air in a concentric reducer can result in a large bubble that can cause the pump to stall or cause cavitation when drawn into the pump.

Caps are used to blind a pipeline. They act as protective devices and are designed to protect pipe ends of various shapes and sizes. Their main purpose is to waterproof the connections. They can also be used to close the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pipes and tubes.

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