High Pressure Pipe Fittings

What are high pressure pipe fittings?

Whenever there is any form of fluid dynamics involved; there will be pipes needed. High pressure pipe fittings refer to multiple components that need to be safe when under immense pressure. This can be anything from steam pressure and high temperatures, to powerplants.

What industries use high pressure pipe fittings?

Oil and gas

A big user of high-pressure pipe fittings is the Oil and Gas industry. Due to the volume of raw materials excavated and stored, the oil and gas industry require high pressure pipe fittings suppliers to get the best value on large quantities.


The food industry is one of the largest in the UK, and they use a process called High-Pressure Pasteurisation that cleans and preserves food. The pressure generated required to kill pathogens in a way that doesn’t alter texture, taste and remove nutritional value. Due to the commonality of this process, the food industry would require high pressure pipe fittings suppliers to keep up with the demand.


Cutting materials with saws, or any serrated metal edge, is ineffective and causes hazardous waste. Pressurising water to cut through metals, means the material doesn’t distort or require any further finishing process as the cut is uniform.

What is the difference between normal pipe fittings and high-pressure pipe fittings?

The choice between high pressure pipe fittings and standard pipe fittings comes down to the application. A pipe fitting is the different types of joining pieces and could be the weak points your plumbing system. If the flow is being used in domestic applications, then you don’t usually need a particularly high-pressure pipe fitting, such as waste pipes. If the pipes need to be pressurised and they are not fit for purpose, the pipe could break, bend, or even explode.

How much pressure can high-pressure pipe fittings withhold?

Metals are going to give the best high-pressure performance and safety. Steel pipe fittings can sustain well over 10,000 psi with no issues. You will also need to consider what substance is going to be in the pipes. Highly pressurised gas will become liquid under the pressure and then can be stored more effectively. This usually occurs around 14 x the atmospheric pressure.

What are high pressure pipe fittings made from?


Steel is where we excel, as high-pressure pipe fittings suppliers, we have a long history with fabrication with metals. Steel can allow up to 10,000 psi for the most extreme cases and can come as threaded or unthreaded fittings. Meaning they can be welded together.


You can also use PVC piping for high-pressure uses, but the psi they can withstand is significantly lower than their steel counterparts. In most cases being less than 500 psi.

Why should you  use Arc Alloys?

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