Structural Fabrication Services

What is structural fabrication?

Structural fabrication is the process of manipulating metal into products used in building structures. The steel is cut, bent and shaped into structural components like beams, stairs, and industrial sized tools.

What structural fabrication services do Arc Alloys offer?

Arc Alloys offer many structural fabrication services, from small to large businesses, we can help with the following:

Pressure vessels

These are containers that are designed to contain gases, vapors liquids that require to be held at high pressures. You will most likely be familiar with this type of structural fabrication in the form of a tanker transporting petroleum.

Offshore and nuclear applications

It is important to use the right structural materials when building structures that cannot fail as it could cause loss of life. Our structural fabrication services include creating industrial steel beams that can withstand high pressure nuclear facilities and the eroding power of the sea.

Y-Type and T-Type strainers used in filtration and process industries

When liquid comes into contact with anything, it becomes contaminated. If some solid materials were to make it through the pipe system to other machinery such as pumps, it could cause the pump to malfunction and cost thousands to repair. A Y-type or T-type strainer filters out solid components so only the liquid can pass through.

Inlet/outlet header assemblies used in heat transfer

Some components need to both deal with high temperatures and be able to dissipate the heat from the machinery. Structural fabrication services can help as inlet and outlet headers take the hot fluid and uniforms the fluid to help with heat transfer.

Access fittings used in process piping for chemical injection/corrosion monitoring

Used predominantly in the oil and gas industry, an access fitting is used to detect issues with corrosion in pipes without having to shut down the entire plant.

Floats and vibrating forks used in all areas where fluid measurement and control is required

A vibrating fork uses the same principle as a tuning fork and tests the frequency of fluids regularly as the frequency of the vibrating fork in fluids changes as more fluid is introduced. Allowing for accurate measurement of volume.

What are the different types of structural fabrication?


HSS – Hollow Steel Section

Coming in various shapes such as square and circular, an HSS is a tubular beam used in steel frames that require different levels of load weight support.

L- Shape

Also known as an “Angle” beam, the steel is two parts that join to make a 90 degree angle and can be equal lengths or asymmetrical. They do not have a great structural depth and are mainly used in flooring structures.


A bearing Pile, or H-Shaped beams, are used to create a solid foundation in construction. Due to the shape they can bear the load of more than a thousand tons.


Structural Channel beams are shaped similar to a C and allow for a secure construction of shorter-span structures. Now used commonly in building and even pier construction.

Custom Shapes

With demand for more unique structural problems, there has been a rise in more unorthodox solutions. Structural fabrication services now have the capabilities to make custom components due to the ingenuity of today’s engineers.

Why should someone use Arc Alloys?

Arc Alloys offer professional, competitive solutions and pride ourselves on offering top quality structural fabrication services. Contact us today so we can help with your fabrication needs.