Fabrication Services

Welding and fabrication has been at the heart of Arc Alloys since 1998. In that time, we have gained a reputation for manufacturing quality products that are made to the most meticulous levels of accuracy and capable of withstanding the severest external conditions.

What is fabrication?

Metal fabrication is an industrial process wherein structural steel or sheet metal is cut, bent, shaped and reassembled into metallic structures or objects. We have dedicated machines for every mechanical process, including lathes, shears, guillotines, sheet metal machines, folders and benders, rolls and punches.

What materials can be fabricated?

We work with a wide range of metals and materials, including:

  • Various types of plate metal
  • Pre-formed and expanded metal
  • Welding wire
  • Fittings and castings
  • Various types of carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Various corrosion-resistant alloys

Who needs fabricated metal?

Steel fabrication services are in demand in a wide range of industries including construction companies, contractors, food processors, equipment manufacturers, and countless others in agriculture, manufacture and infrastructure. The range of fabrication jobs we undertake is virtually unlimited. We can do:

  • Gates and railings
  • Stairs and steps
  • Ornamental metal, architectural metal
  • Furniture
  • Metal containers and packaging receptacles, such as reservoirs and tanks, drums, casks, cans, boxes
  • Metal tools
  • Boilers and radiators
  • Steam or vapour generators
  • Structural fabrication services
  • Products for use in buildings and metal structures, such as shutters, metal window frames and doors

We also offer mobile fabricated services.

Why use metal?

There are many different kinds of metal that may be used in fabrication work. This includes everything from iron to aluminium, from copper and nickel to steel, each of which have their own various grades, so when we talk about the benefits of metals over other materials, we’re speaking generally. Metals tend to provide the following advantages over other materials:

  • Resistant to heat. Metals have a much higher melting point than synthetic materials and organic polymers and are far less likely to degrade in high temperatures
  • Increased strength. Metal grades are generally harder, stronger and far more durable than their non-metal counterparts
  • Greater versatility. A wider range of processes can be brought to bear in metal fabrication, including soldering, welding, casting, forging, deep drawing and chipping
  • Cost-effectiveness: Using metal is usually the most cost-efficient option, especially for particularly long-term or high-volume production runs

In terms of actually getting the job done, further benefits of using fabricated metal are:

  • The sheet metal itself is low in weight and easily transportable and manageable
  • It is resistant to heat, moisture and even the most severe external conditions and pressures
  • It is durable but malleable
  • Its malleability means that it can be formed and transformed to suit almost any purpose

The dreams of makers and creators of all kinds – from master builders to great artists – can be realised through the limitless application of metal and steel fabrication.

For help or advice related to our structural fabrication services, our mobile fabrication services, or any other aspect of metal and steel fabrication, give Arc Alloys a call on 01384 79695 or 01384 77211.