Alloy Welding

What is alloy welding? 

An alloy is a metal made using 2 or more metals to create a stronger, or more corrosive resistant material. For example, steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon, as it increases the base strength of iron and is cheap to manufacture. Stainless steel is also made with iron and carbon, but includes other elements such as zinc or chromium, to stop oxidisation, known as rust. Alloys have many great uses, and they can also be welded. Alloy welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together using heat to melt them together. Alloys can be welded but it can be tricky depending on the alloy used.  

Why do people need alloy welding? 

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in the world. The steel industry in the UK alone contributed 2 billion pounds in 2020 into the economy. Therefore, there are many companies looking for professional alloy welding near me. The issue with welding alloys is down to what the alloy is made of. Some impurities on the alloy making process can drastically affect the outcome of a weld. Companies reach out to alloy welding specialists as it guarantees the job is done correctly, and saves money in rectifying problems. Titanium alloys are especially difficult to work with, due to the fact it combusts at lower temperatures than it needs to melt. At high temperatures, titanium starts to react with the oxygen and nitrogen in the air.  

What are the benefits of outsourcing alloy welding? 

Not every alloy is as easy to work with as steel, aluminium and titanium are two notoriously difficult metals to weld. Titanium can become brittle if welded in a normal welding environment, making the weld useless. By outsourcing, you can find alloy welding near me that is cost effective and guaranteed to work. The different settings needed for different alloys means you would need to set up for each on alloy you are working with. For titanium alloys, you will need to use a gas like argon to shield the weld from the air as it is being brought to temperature.  

Why chose Arc Alloys? 

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